Hey Where Are You (HeyWAY)

is a new location service that lets you keep track of where friends, family and colleagues are. Send alerts with your current location to your followers, or send "Hey, Where Are You?" alerts requesting their location. Because HeyWAY uses Apple's brand new Push Notification Service, your alerts are delivered even when the application is not running.

HeyWAY is perfect for keeping in touch with:

  • Your spouse or partner: is he still at work? Nearly home? At the pub? Get back his actual location.
  • Teenage children: rest easier by having them check in with their actual location when they're out late. Easier and more reliable than assurances sent over SMS, and much less intrusive than voice calls.
  • Field employees or colleagues: get a quick fix on delivery drivers, sales associates or other field employees or colleagues who are constantly on the move.

HeyWAY is written specifically and exclusively for Apple's new iPhone System Software version 3.0, and uses a rich set of new 3.0 functionality, including Push Notifications, embedded map views, in-application email composition (for authorizing others), and peer-to-peer communication over Bluetooth (for authorizing others when they are nearby). Please note, Bluetooth pairing is only available on iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and 2nd generation iPod Touch devices.

HeyWAY is available now for iPhone and iPod Touch devices running system software version 3.0 or later. Write to info at niftybrick dot com with questions; customers, please write to support at niftybrick dot com.